3 Systems to Simplify Your Business and Life in 2020

  • Jan 3, 2020

As small business owners, we wear many hats, and at times it can be overwhelming trying to accomplish everything. I know that the more I stay organized, automate my tasks, and streamline my processes, the more efficient and productive my business will be. However, figuring out where to start or what is effective is usually another daunting task.


As we begin 2020, I thought I'd share some helpful programs I implemented in 2019 to keep me on track, organized, and more productive with Hallett Group Marketing. My hope is you're able to use one, or all, to benefit your business this coming year.


1.   Asana  

This web-based and mobile app lets you view all your tasks, projects, errands, and follow their progress easily. You can share notes, upload files, and communicate without having to rely on email. It also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to attach files.


I am a List Girl. I love a great To-Do list, and the satisfaction of physically crossing things off my lists kept me from moving to a project management tool. However, I found that my to-do lists were only getting longer and longer, and many of my projects were getting lost in the shuffle. I'd have sheets in my car, sheets on my desks, sheets on my computer, and great intentions of merging them all whenever I would get back to my laptop. The problem is, keeping up with all those lists stressed me out!


I slowly started implementing Asana and found that after a few weeks, my productivity increased dramatically. Asana helps me organize, plan, and stay on top of my errands, work tasks, and projects. Having everything in one place, and the ease of moving projects from start to finish is (almost) as exciting as physically crossing things off my to-do list.


Since Asana syncs on your mobile and desktop devices, I found I didn't need my paper lists anymore. If I'm in between meetings or in line at the grocery store, I always have access to my tasks, projects, to-do list, and even grocery list. 


If you have a team, Asana allows you to keep your team's projects, deadlines, point persons, and progress of all projects together in one place. It's excellent for effective communication and project management among everyone on your team. It eliminates many of the emails, phone calls, or simple miscommunication that generally takes place when such updates are ongoing. 


2.   Evernote 

Evernote is a great digital way to keep all your ideas, research, web clippings, articles, and notes organized and in one location. Evernote allows you to store and share everything across mobile and desktop devices, so again, you're never without the information.


I use Evernote daily as an on-the-go means of capturing information. I tend to find inspiration in the most surprising places.  Evernote allows me to capture, save, and organize online articles, images, social media posts, and notes that I know I'll want to dive into further when time permits. The ease of having everything in one space for quick viewing/searching later was another game-changer for me. Many times I've seen something inspirational, then later, when I'm finally ready to dive deeper into the information, I can't find the original source. Evernote changed all that. When I'm ready to go back to revisit the information, I do a simple search in Evernote by words or phrases, and it takes me right back to the source for quick viewing.


3.   Grammarly 

I am a firm believer that any collateral you are sending out, should be proofed by another set of eyes. Whether you're writing an important email, copy for an advertisement, website content, or social media post, always have someone else proof your work before distributing. 


Poor grammar leads to poor credibility. As small business owners, we can't afford to spend our time creating great content for our targeted audiences, only for the material to be overshadowed by poor grammar and negative first impressions by our readers.


However, sometimes we don't have the staff to proof our work or the funds to hire someone. We may not feel comfortable asking the same volunteers to look over everything we write. Thankfully, I stumbled across Grammarly, and it's been another game-changer for me!


Grammarly checks your grammar, writing style, and tone, to make sure you're writing in a way that resonates with your audience. It also checks for plagiarism, offers suggested improvements, and assists in finding the perfect words to express the message you want to convey. Grammarly is simple to use, and knowing I'm putting my best work out there makes me more productive and apt to want to develop even more great content for my audiences.


The best thing about all three of these suggested programs? They are FREE - or in Grammarly's case, have free trial versions. They each have upgraded options, but I wouldn't invest until you know if they are suited for your business or personality.


I've found each of these resources has eliminated many of my headaches throughout the past year. My hope is that should you choose to implement any, you too find value, and they prove to be a great help in kicking 2020 off with a bang for your business.


Interested in more great ways to simplify your business and marketing in 2020? Let's talk! bridget@hallettgroup.com or 601.420.0000.


Until next time…. Happy New Year & Happy Marketing!


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