Choosing Your Corporate Brand Colors

  • Jun 13, 2019

Today's calendar day depicts two of my favorite things! 

Texas A&M, my alma mater, AND corporate branding.  Whoop!


Daily I have conversations with clients about their branding strategies and materials. Whether it's a startup company needing us to create a new logo or brand, or it's an established client needing more marketing materials that are in line with their current brand. 


Regardless of if you have a business or you're merely thinking of starting one, your brand should be front and center when it comes to your marketing.


Branding isn't just about a symbol though. Yes, the logo matters because it helps with recognition, but so does your company name, colors, fonts, and the overall feeling your brand portrays to the customers you're trying to reach. How everything is packaged together is critical to make sure your message is portrayed the way you intend so you can bring in the customers that you need to grow your business.


Today I want to focus on the color aspect of your brand. When I'm talking to clients about their logos and branding, color is often one of the first elements to come up.


Color is the main element of identification with a brand because we can immediately associate a color with an emotion of some kind. Therefore, your corporate colors are crucial for brand presence, recognition, and communicating what your brand is all about. What each color communicates can vary by experience, context, and even cultures.


As I mentioned earlier, I graduated from Texas A&M, and to me "Aggie Maroon" portrays tradition, excellence, classic, fun, and so much more! But see, those emotions come from my own experiences in college. The psychology behind colors is helpful to research before finalizing your brand. Where maroon to me brings about certain college emotions, research shows that the maroon color actually encourages feelings of warmth, comfort, and can also stimulate appetites. Who knew?


Here are a few more examples:


·         Red shows excitement, evil, anger, and love.


·         Blue gives off confidence, professionalism, feelings of responsibility, and is also a calming color. It's also a preferred color among men.


·         Green is associated with peace, growth, or even nature.


·         Black gives a vibe of elegance, seriousness, and authority.



Did you know that if you use red, orange, and even royal blue in marketing materials, those colors work great to target impulse buyers? But, if your target audience is budget conscious, a subtle navy or even teal blue can help attract them to your product or service.


So, if you have the vision to start a new company in the future, or you have a company that may need a new "look," here are some things to consider in terms of color for your new brand:



      What do you want your brand to represent?


      What colors tell your company's story?


      What colors will draw in your target audience?


      What colors will separate you from your competition


Once you've answered these questions, you need to pick your Pantone (also known as PMS) color that is right for your brand. The Pantone Matching System is a numbering system for colors that is used in graphic arts. Your graphic designer or marketing consultant can help you find the best Pantone colors for your brand.


Think of the Pantone Matching System as a paint swatch book for graphic designers. When you're painting a room in your house, you can pick your color from a paint swatch book. Then you take that swatch to any local hardware store where they can mix the colors to match that exact swatch. It's the same concept here. You pick your Pantone colors and then once your marketing materials are designed, you can take to any printer, and they will match the components in your colors so that your marketing materials are printed with the right corporate colors, every time.


In summary today, don’t just throw something together for your brand. Put thought into the whys, so you are effective in hitting your targeted audience with all your marketing efforts.


For all my established business owners, what colors are you using in your brand, and why? Share your stories with us so we can learn what has worked for your corporate brand.


Until next time….

Happy Marketing!


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