Fun holidays make for great marketing opportunities!

  • May 6, 2019

Did you know there is a National Clean Your Room Day? Seriously? Someone please shout that out to my three teens! I'm kinda tired of shouting around here.


How about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Now that's a day my kids and I can get behind.


There really is an awesome holiday for every day of the year! All you have to do is throw in some creative juices and bam, 365 ways you can market to your customers or prospects throughout the year.


How stinkin’ fun and easy is that?


There are your traditional holidays of course, but I personally love the wild, crazy and sometimes absurd holidays that make every day of the year worth celebrating.


I want to encourage you to take advantage of these national and international holidays when marketing for your organization. Such simple opportunities can give you leverage in numerous ways. They keep you front and center with your customers. They make big impressions on your customers or prospects. They are easy to implement. AND they don’t require a lot of marketing dollars.


How you ask?

Let’s run through it….


Take a trip to your local dollar store. Grab some pencils and index cards. Staple your business card somewhere to the index card. Cut two small slits on either side of the card and slide one pencil through those two slots. With a sharpie write “PENCIL ME IN”.



BAM! A simple (yes, cheesy) prospect piece for National Pencil Day! Yep, that’s really a day.


Now, on National Pencil Day, grab your pencil cards and hit the streets to drop off to prospects. It makes a fun impression and if you continue the process with follow ups, you may even gain a few new customers. Worst case, you’ve shown you aren’t like your competitors because you've shown up and you've shown out with creativity!


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Lastly, remember the money is in the follow up! Be sure you circle back around to those customers or prospects to see if they really will “Pencil You In.” Then make it worth their time!


Happy Marketing!


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