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  • May 29, 2019

Communication these days has us feeling like we need to get our marketing message out as fast as possible. Quick posts to our social media sites. Fast website updates. Printing our marketing literature before we've had a chance to make sure our message is clear and concise for our targeted audience.


As a creative marketer who loves all forms of communication, I thought I'd bring to light some areas people tend to overlook in their haste to communicate.


    Grammar Still Matters

We communicate through written words more today than at any other time. However, our hasty 140 character tweets, quick texts, Emoji's or disappearing posts seem to be leaving grammar out of the mix altogether. Grammatical errors, regardless of the communication forum, indicate ignorance or carelessness, which in turn leads to questions regarding the accuracy of the content.


Sloppily written materials also tend to create a negative impression on clients and corporate higher-ups. Not to mention, grammar and punctuation errors many times can lead to misunderstandings that take additional time, effort, and money to clear up. 


With the internet being our primary way of communicating to the world these days, our distributed materials live on forever — along with all their grammatical errors and mistakes! Nobody wants that!

If you aren't comfortable with your grammar skills, odds are you have a colleague or friend who can help. Always have another set of eyes proof your marketing materials and posts before releasing.


•    Silly as it may sound, Fonts Matter too! See for yourself:



•    Consistency is Key. Be consistent across ALL aspects of your marketing, public relations, advertising, branding, and communication efforts. EVERYTHING, from your logo, business cards, and letterhead to your menus, signage, invoices, brochures, and websites should be consistent with your brand and image. If they don't look and feel like your brand, you're probably confusing your consumers, and confusion rarely has high conversion rates.


•   Speak directly to your customer. When creating any marketing content, make sure your focus is on your customer. NOT on yourself. It's essential to let the customer know what THEY will get, rather than what YOU do. Customers only care about what's in it for them, so speak to that need with all your marketing content.


•    Don't overuse words. Be straightforward in your explanations. No jargon! If you're in the medical field and tend to use medical words when talking, have someone else write your content. All your content should be easy enough to read that a 3rd grader can grasp your message.

•    Images Sell! Use photos and graphics to drive home your marketing message. Regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service, get creative in capturing or finding images that make an impact in your consumer's mind. People want to touch, feel, see, and experience whatever it is they are buying, so bring your products and services to life. Display products that you're proud of, with photographs and graphics, that "pop."  Bakeries don't put out last week's boring, plain cookies. You shouldn't either! Display your freshest goods.


Creatively showcasing your services can be a bit more of a challenge than showcasing an actual product. But that shouldn't prevent you from finding ways to showcase your services with great pictures.

 Have a lawn service company? Use an image or video of someone mowing a lawn.

• Are you selling a digital product like an eBook or online course? Get creative with a box or book cover and bring those products to life through photos.

• Are you a website designer?
Snap a photo of you at a computer and then another picture that shows a completed website you've recently created.


You put a lot of work, time, and money into your marketing, so don't rush things. Fine tune your message. Gather great fonts, graphics, and photos that 'pop'.  Then proof, proof, and proof again. NOW, you're ready to get your marketing messages out to your targeted audience. NOW, you should begin to see a positive return from your non-hasty marketing efforts. 

Happy Marketing!




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