Nametag: Who Wears it Right?

  • Oct 7, 2019

I love communication. I've even been told that sometimes I can over-communicate. Although I really don't get how one can ever over-communicate!

When it comes to communication and marketing, the first thing I start every one of my presentations with is the nametag tip. I usually have attendees raise their hand and tell me what side you wear your name tag on, and why. The first person to answer right wins a prize. I'm amazed every time I do this, how so many do not know the right answer. I've made it my mission to educate (AKA: over-communicate). 

It also never fails that every time I make a presentation and discuss the nametag issue, I see hands slyly start to move their nametags to the proper side. That small gesture, even if it's only made by a handful of people that day, makes my heart flutter! Silly, I know, but it does!

See, one of my biggest pet peeves is walking into a networking room, or even a family reunion and seeing nametags on the wrong side. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to wear your nametag.  

So, which side is correct? 

The right side just above your pocket area is the RIGHT side to wear your nametag. Not only because you'll find most corporate apparel or even screen printed T-shirts have business logos/graphics on the left side, (leaving the right side the only logical place for a nametag), but also because there is a marketing advantage to it. 

Picture this…
You are at an event, and someone approaches you with an outstretched hand for shaking. As you extend your right hand to shake their outstretched right hand, your eyes automatically go to the side of the grip you are shaking. In that slight process, your eyes pass right over their well-placed nametag. In that brief instance, you can refresh yourself on who you are talking with, OR, you can quickly learn their name so you can address them accordingly, and make a lasting impression. Networking 101 at its finest!

If that person happened to have their nametag on their left side, you'd find yourself awkwardly searching to discover who you're talking with. In that awkward instance, you'd lose the positive effect of them thinking you remembered their name or the positive impression you could have made by addressing them by name before any introduction. 

One known fact in marketing and networking is that people love to do business with others that they know, like, and trust. When you're meeting new people, the more you can make them feel comfortable, the quicker you get to that know, like, and trust aspect of doing business together. How can you make someone feel comfortable quickly? Look them in the eyes, and call them by name.

Your correctly placed nametag really can make all the difference. So wear it right, my friends. Wear it RIGHT! 


Until next time, Happy Marketing! 


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