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  • Nov 30, 2019

Small business owners typically invest most of their time, resources, and savings into their businesses. To ensure their business is nurtured and prosperous, they provide excellent products, services, and customer service to YOU…. their local friends, neighbors, and customers. 


When you purchase locally, you're putting more money back into your community. More importantly, you're providing groceries for that business owner's family this week. You're giving dance lessons to a 3-year-old little girl or baseball equipment for a 10-year-old son. You're offsetting expenses for the family with three kids in college.



Shop Local: It builds stronger communities


Local businesses hire local people who spend locally. Local companies also hire accountants, marketing firms, computer consultants, insurance agents, financial advisors, and other businesses that help run their business. That money also remains in your community. 


Shopping local improves your property values. Local businesses pay taxes to your local governments, so when you shop locally, your money stays in your community. This means better schools, better roads, and safer communities for you and your family. Because people want to live, work, and play in safe neighborhoods with excellent school systems and vibrant communities, they move to these communities. This helps raise your property values, which is a definite advantage when you are trying to sell your home. 



Shop Local: It creates healthier relationships


Local businesses are owned by your neighbors. These business owners are individuals who sit next to you in church, coach your community little league teams, and shop at the same grocery stores as you. When you spend money in their businesses, you're in turn, supporting your neighbors and building a stronger community. 


Small business owners have a natural interest in their local communities because they know their business is only as good as the community they serve. Local business owners tend to contribute more to local causes and help more on local boards and advisory groups because they see the benefit to their own community.


Whether you're sipping coffee at a local coffee shop, eating a fresh meal at a local restaurant, or buying a unique item at your local boutique, you're interacting and building relationships with others in your community. Strong, healthy relationships make our communities secure.



Shop Local: It means personal service and unique products


Small business owners generally pride themselves on providing outstanding, personal service because they genuinely value each interaction with their customers. They are building relationships with their employees and their customers day in and day out.


Shopping local also allows you to see your community in action and take pride in the uniqueness that drew you to your community in the first place. There are many treasures in your town. Shopping local gives you the chance to find those "Where did you get that?" items that you can't get from bigger chain stores. 


All of this adds up to every dollar you spend locally, brings more money back to your community. Make the effort. You and your community will benefit!



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