Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers for a Thriving Business

  • Jul 30, 2019

Your Superpowers are the God-given gifts that are simply a part of you. They are precious gifts provided to you so you can help others in areas where they struggle.

Your Superpowers are what make you unique. You can paint that stunning canvas or outperform everyone in the board room. Where some people struggle with organization, it just comes naturally to you. Your Superpowers are what you do well, without any significant effort.


Everyone has certain things that when doing, they find they have endless energy because they are good at it.  However, as entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in the idea that we need to be good at everything. We get stuck in the cycle of fighting against our Superpowers in our quest to get everything accomplished. In the end, our businesses and our customers suffer.


Your business can only succeed if you uncover your Superpowers and use them to make this world better. Stop denying who you are and fighting against your superpowers. It's time we dive deep, unleash what makes you a unique entrepreneur, and then empower your uniqueness to change your life and business for the better. 


When you are happy doing what you love doing, your business will thrive!


Let's uncover those Superpowers:


1. Connect with 20-25 friends, colleagues, family members, or current clients and ask them what your three strongest qualities are. Use whatever means is most comfortable for you, phone, email, or social media. It doesn't matter how you ask, so long as you ASK!


I know, I know. Asking for feedback may take you way outside your comfort zone. It sure did for me, but I promise, it's worth it in the end. 


I found that by simply being honest with those I reached out to, made it more comfortable in asking. I used email and sent messages to a few close friends, family, and current clients. Here is a sample email of how I asked. Feel free to copy, tweak, personalize, and use if this works with your style.


Hey friends & family!


I am working to restructure a few things in my business, and need to gain some clarity. I'm hoping you can help.


Would you mind sharing what you find to be my three strongest qualities? I'm drawing a blank in this area. I know you'll give me honest feedback. Mind helping a girl out?


What do you come to me for, or where do you see me offering substantial value to others in my personal or business life?


I know you're busy. If you don't have the time or don't want to respond, please don't feel obligated!


If you can share anything that will help me gain clarity for my business, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback.


Thanks in advance!


2. You'll be surprised at the responses. I promise. As the answers start pouring in, have one location where you store each of the keywords or even long paragraphs they send back. I'm a paper and pen kind of gal so I jotted them down in a notebook as bullet points and kept adding until the email responses tapered off.


Now you need to condense your list so you don't have any duplicates or similar qualities on the page. Lump things into categories to eliminate even more. Then highlight your top three. 


Take a moment to look over this page of awesomeness and just let it soak in for a bit. Pretty amazing huh?


3. Next I recommend finding a Strength Finders Assessment tool. I chose Marcus Buckingham's "Now, Discover Your Strengths" book. I downloaded the Audible version because that's how I roll. I then used the unique code that came with the purchase to take the accompanying test. It's a small investment, but the results were very eye-opening. If you're not one for reading or listening to books, you can purchase the Strength Finders Test without the book.


After you've completed the Assessment, list your top 3-5 strengths next to the Strengths you noted above from those who know you best.


4. Based on all this information you've gathered, what are your top THREE Superpowers?


I found when doing this experience that my Superpowers are: 


1. Hardworking


2. Compassionate


3. Creative

I am one who doesn't lay myself out there. I honestly find it hard to market for my company. My job is to market for YOUR company and to make you look great. I struggle when I need to turn that mirror around and showcase what sets Hallett Group Marketing apart. It truly, truly hurts!


However, I too want to attract more of our perfect, ideal customers, and I know that to do so, I must take more initiatives in showcasing how Hallett Group Marketing is different from competitors. Our outstanding personal service, honesty, dedication, and creativity sets us apart. I'm learning to weave that into my brand, so potential clients come to know me, like me, trust me, and in turn, start to utilize our services. 


I encourage you to put your three Superpowers to work immediately in benefiting you and your organization. What can you do right now to leverage more of your uniqueness in your business?



I have an idea…. stop making life harder than necessary and beating yourself up for not being good at everything! Take those things you dislike doing and turn them over to someone else who happens to be solid in that area. It's a win-win. You can go back to focusing on what you love and what comes naturally, and they can do the same. You'll be amazed by how much more effective your business will run when everyone is doing what they love. It's a boost of energy that will propel you forward as everyone starts utilizing their Superpowers.


Stay tuned to an upcoming blog post in which I dive deeper into how you can weave your Superpowers into your business brand to attract more ideal customers.  


In the meantime, embrace the fun of bringing your Superpowers, flaws, and quirks to every aspect of your business. You'll find that happiness is on the other end of that Superpower spectrum. With joy, comes fun business growth.


Until next time.


Happy Marketing!

Bridget Hallett


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