Can you relate to any of these statements

by business owners?



I feel lost & unsure of

where to start marketing.



I get so excited,

then so overwhelmed and stressed

that I almost want to do

NOTHING in terms of marketing.



I can barely pay my bills or myself,

so extra marketing expenses

are out of the question.



I know I need to market

to make money,

but I don't have extra money

to use for marketing,

so I'm just running in circles.



As a startup business, it's an exciting time, but can be a little overwhelming. We've been there and can relate! 


Trying to figure out where to focus your time, money, and marketing efforts to ensure you hit your goals or just break-even can be daunting.


Hallett Group Marketing helps you navigate your marketing and branding so you can progress toward success without breaking the bank. We offer simple steps and solutions so that from the beginning, you are on a solid foundation. 



How can Hallett Group Marketing help? 


  • We work with you to figure out your brand.
  • We help you visualize the 'personality' of your company.
  • We establish your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).
  • We create stories that appeal to your ICA
  • We position your products or services, so they appeal to your ICA. 
  • We point out opportunities that are of value in your marketplace.
  • We help you communicate and serve your ICA, so they, in turn, become your best referral partners.
  • We provide you with the tools, resources, and steps you need to take for effective branding and marketing (extra value to you in that you can then continue with or without our assistance later on down the road).
  • We ensure you are spending money in the right places, saving you time and money while you grow your tribe.
  • We offer many other creative ways to help along your journey to success.

Let's chat and see how our services may be beneficial in getting you on the right track to more revenue, more customers, and less of those startup headaches. or 601.420.0000.